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LLC/Partnership Dispute Attorneys

Resolving disputes among shareholders, partners and family members can become very volatile very quickly even with the assistance of attorneys who specialize in business litigation and dispute resolution. When substantial dollar amounts, emotions, pride, personal relationships and legacies are involved, it is extremely risky not to retain the services of a skilled and proven business dispute attorney.

At Simpson Delmore Greene LLP, our San Diego-based attorneys resolve partnership disputes, principal disputes, shareholder disputes and family member owner disputes throughout Southern California. Our partner attorneys have more than 20 years of experience working with clients through business litigation, arbitration and alternative dispute resolution methods such as negotiation and mediation.

Achieving Results — Protecting Your Interests — Preserving Wealth

Our team is creative and resourceful. As a smaller law firm, we are nimble and attentive to your case daily. In forging agreements and resolution, we are sensitive to your costs. We help you first by working to negotiate or mediate your dispute, which can be done at a far more reasonable cost as compared to litigation or arbitration. Most disputes can be resolved this way, but some must be litigated or arbitrated to achieve your goals.

We help the parties understand the big picture and identify points of possible compromise. Working from the outside inward, we can flesh out the details of negotiated or mediated resolutions in a practical manner, and we can help you maintain control of the situation with minimal impact to your business. Ownership issues can easily spill over into daily business operations, affect employee morale and allegiances, impact productivity and hurt your bottom line.

We will strategically navigate to a fair and favorable resolution, or we will fight aggressively for your best possible outcome in court, if necessary.

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