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San Diego Wage And Hour Dispute Attorneys

We help businesses large and small throughout Southern California manage investigations, accusations and lawsuits related to wage and hour claims. California has very strict, complex and constantly evolving employment laws affecting both exempt and nonexempt employees. Whether the claim against your business is from a single plaintiff, several plaintiffs or a class action, our team of experienced litigators can handle your defense effectively and cost-efficiently.

At Simpson Delmore Greene LLP, we provide our clients with access to our partner attorneys through all phases of litigation. Our five partner attorneys each have over 20 years of experience handling the gamut of business law matters in California. Small businesses and Fortune 500 companies alike seek our counsel and representation relating to the Fair Labor Standards Act, U.S. Department of Labor, California Labor Code regulations and Division of Labor Standards Enforcement wage orders

Wage And Hour Dispute Resolution In California

Our lawyers have extensive experience with the California Division of Labor Standards Enforcement (DLSE), also known as the Labor Commissioner’s Office. We will work to limit your costs of litigation and resolve disputes through mediation or negotiation if possible, but we are ready to litigate when necessary.

We defend employers’ interests in cases involving:

  • Unpaid overtime claims
  • Unpaid wage claims
  • Unpaid commissions and bonus claims
  • Minimum wage claims
  • Tip credit and tip pool claims
  • Paycheck deduction issues
  • Contractor status issues
  • Record-keeping regulations
  • Employee classification issues (exempt vs. nonexempt)
  • Private Attorney General Act (PAGA) claims

Our San Diego-based attorneys also help employers avoid costly wage and hour disputes with preventive counsel and risk mitigation training. We manage private and governmental investigations and prepare your case for litigation from the beginning. In many cases, the prospect of litigation against our firm provides effective leverage in negotiations.

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